Payment Guarantees

Secure payment

All your purchases on are protected and secure.

You can pay by bank card. Your bank details are encrypted and automatically disappear once the payment has gone through. You can place orders on our website with complete peace of mind.

How do I pay for purchases securely?

By bank card

  • By clicking on the bank card of your choice, you will be directed to the BRED secure payment website which uses SSL protection standards.
  • When asked to pay, you must supply your bank card number, the expiry date and the three numbers on the back of the card.
  • Your bank will then verify your identity using the 3D Secure system.
  • This confidential data is automatically encrypted before being sent (SSL protocol) and checked in order to prevent abuse and fraud.
  • The transaction is debited from your account on the day your order is dispatched.

What is 3D Secure?

In order to combat fraud, Suncoo has implemented 3D Secure payment for all transactions. 3D Secure is a payment authentication system that enables us to make your online purchases even more secure. When payment is made, your bank will check the identity of the cardholder before authorising the transaction.

This is a free service provided by your bank for all payments using Carte Bleue, Visa and MasterCard.

The authentication procedure

  1. Confirm your basket and provide your bank details.
  2. You bank will verify the identity of the cardholder or user. After your bank details have been checked, you will be transferred to your bank's website. A 3D Secure window will pop up and each bank then has its own verification procedure. You may be asked for:
    • your date of birth,
    • a code you have been sent by text message,
    • the answer to a personal question.
    When you place an order, make sure you can receive a 3DS verification text message (make sure that there are no operator restriction if you are ordering from abroad and that you have network coverage for example.)
  3. Finalise and confirm your order.
    Following confirmation from the bank, your payment is confirmed and your transaction is finalised. You will receive an e-mail confirming your transaction and your card will be debited on the day the order is dispatched. Your transaction will be cancelled if three verification attempts fail. Three cancelled transactions will also cause your payment card to be blocked. Should this happen, please contact your bank.
    Please contact your bank directly if you have any further questions about the 3D Secure code (obtaining, losing or changing it for example) or about the authentication procedure.
    Suncoo will never ask you for your bank details by e-mail. You should only provide your bank details on the order payment page.
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